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Recent Research Output

The following is a list of selected works published by Kumamoto University researchers. Titles link to their respective press releases if available and "original" links go directly to the published article.
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June 7: New HIV Reporter Model: Visualizing HIV Viral Dynamics in Cells with Dual Fluorescence - Original
May 2: Implications for Male Infertility: Discovery of an Atypical Heat Shock Factor, HSF5, Involved in Meiotic Mechanisms - Original
March 8: Unveiling the Role of FOXO1 in Vascular Development and Transcriptional Dynamics in Endothelial Cells - Original
January 11: Exploring Dimethylsulfoniopropionate Production by Freshwater Phytoplankton in Lake Baikal - Original


September 20: Unveiling the Association between Low Oxygen Conditions Induced by Hyperglycemia and Impaired Insulin Secretion in Type 2 Diabetes - Original
September 19: Zero-Waste Synthesis of New Supramolecular Materials With Remarkable Mechanical Properties - Original
August 18: Japanese Scientists May Have Unraveled the Secret of Aging-Resistance in Naked Mole-Rats - Original
July 4: A Cell Surface Marker for Identifying Tumor-initiating Cells in Pancreatic Cancer - Original
March 16: A Closer Look at Matcha Tea Powder’s Antidepressant-Like Effects - Original
March 15: Scientists Create Novel Bandgap-Tunable 2D Nanosheets Made from Perovskite Oxynitrides - Original
March 13: Synchronizing Ovulation with Mating Improves Fertilization in “Ultrasuperovulated” Mice - Original
March 9: Understanding how Excessive Adaptation of Muscles to Environmental Conditions is Suppressed - Original
January 23: Regorafenib Augments Antitumor Effect of Anti-PD-1 Immunotherapy in Advanced Gastric Cancers - Original
January 20: Protein Sirtuin 7 Suppresses Heat Production in Brown Adipose Tissue - Original
January 19: Towards Highly Conducting Molecular Materials with a Partially Oxidized Organic Neutral Molecule - Original
January 18: Effect of an Autism-Associated Mutation on Protein Movements - Original


December 8: Scientists Reveal the Role of Immune Progenitor Cells in the Repair of Inflamed Intestinal Tissue - Original
November 17: DDX41: A Key Nuclear Player in Maintaining Genomic Stability - Original
November 10: Combined Effect of Bacteria and Iron Levels on the Progression of Colorectal Cancer - Original
October 13: Japanese cockroach east-west separation already established in the over 5000 years ago - Original
September 26: Mystery of this Champion Metallic Glass Uncovered - Original
September 20: Embryo blood cells are stem cell-independent - Original
August 26: Discovery of a Defective SIGIRR-dependent Anti-inflammatory Pathway in Cystic Fibrosis - Original
August 17: Big Splash: Scientists Present a New Model for Predicting Droplet Splashing Behavior on Solid Surfaces - Original
August 4: New Method Enables Efficient Sample Preparation for Single-Cell Proteomics - Original
July 4: Nano-scaled cavity can trap a single molecule - Original
May 27: Ancient viral elements embedded in human genome not from fossil retrovirus - Original
May 11: Novel Supramolecular CRISPR–Cas9 Carrier Enables More Efficient Genome Editing - Original
April 13: Kumamoto University’s Dr. Kenichi Miharada awarded this year’s Heisei Memorial Research Grant from the Japan Prize Foundation - Original: (No publication)
March 25: Reduced kidney function increases bleeding risk in antithrombotic therapy - Original
February 9: Identification of a unique "switch" for blood vessel generation - Original
February 8: Scientists Discover the Secret to the Longevity of Naked Mole-Rats - Original
February 1: Complex three-dimensional kidney tissue generated in the lab from the scratch - Original
January 25: Stabilizing Protein Drugs with a New Reversible “Mixing-type” Material - Original


December 16: How oral cancer acquires radioresistance - Original
December 14: Novel Vaccine May Yield Affordable Solution to Lipid Disorders - Original
December 13: Build Blood Better: New cell line is capable of giving rise to red blood cells outside the body - Original
December 3: Building a human body through gastrulation - Original
October 28: Highly Concentrated Silicate Nanosheets - Original
October 13: Newly generated monoclonal antibodies effective against SARS-CoV-2 and variants - Original
September 3: Identification of plant-parasitic nematode attractant - Original
August 24: A novel gene involved in male infertility: ZFP541 - Original
August 23: IRCMS Presents: Science & Me #9 - Original
August 2: Atomic-level, 3-D structure of MUTYH protein opens small window into DNA repair mechanism - Original
July 20: SARS-CoV-2 spike mutation L452R evades human immune response and enhances infectivity - Original
July 14: Compound derived from turmeric essential oil has neuroprotective properties - Original
July 6: Muscles retain positional memory from fetal life - Original
July 5: Unraveling the mechanisms that create the individualized metabolism in leukemia - Original
June 29: Microfilter device capable of detecting trace amounts of cancer cells in one mL of blood - Original
June 28: IRCMS Presents: Science & Me #7 - Original
June 23: Novel lncRNA, Caren, counteracts heart failure progression - Original
June 9: A new culprit in antibacterial resistance: cysteine persulfide - Original
June 9: DNA methylation changes and characteristics in neurons of bipolar disorder patients - Original
May 17: New epigenetic regulatory mechanisms involved in multiple myeloma growth - Original
May 17: Cysteinylated albumin: A new early diagnostic marker for diabetic kidney disease - Original
April 26: Toward painless oral insulin administration - Original
April 15: Adult nocturnal fishflies found to visit flowers for food - Original
April 14: New Benefits from Anti-Diabetic Drug Metformin - Original
March 29: A mathematician’s journey in Edo Japan - Original
March 24: Aging cells in abdominal fluid cause increased peritoneal dissemination of gastric cancer - Original
March 16: Mitochondria found to be protected by ketogenesis - Original
March 1: Historical document details martyrdom of Japanese Christian retainers 400 years ago - Original: (No publication)
March 1: Follow the smell of the ocean to find where marine predators feed - Original
February 8: How blood and lymph vessels remain separated after development - Original
January 28: Healthy lifespan analysis using nematodes - Original
January 14: A highly sensitive technique for measuring the state of a cytoskeleton - Original
January 12: The end of domestic wine in 17th century Japan - Original: (No publication)


December 2: Mild electrical stimulation with heat shock ameliorates kidney disease - Original
November 25: T-cell abnormalities in severe COVID-19 cases - Original
November 20: NO DRINKING! NO FIGHTING! The laws of early Edo Japan to keep the peace - Original: (No publication)
November 20: X-ray imaging of a beetle’s world in ancient earthenware - Original
November 17: Convenient antioxidant capacity measurement of food - Original
November 10: A key player behind parental chromosome matching during meiosis - Original
November 10: Down Syndrome-associated gene suppresses age-related corneal clouding - Original
October 27: Aged cell variations may control health and onset of age-related diseases - Original
October 14: Damaged muscles don't just die, they regenerate themselves - Original
October 14: Skeletal muscle development and regeneration mechanisms vary by gender - Original
September 24: Decreased protein degradation in cerebellum leads to motor dysfunction - Original
September 7: Fatty acid receptor involved in temperature-induced sex reversal of Japanese medaka fish - Original
September 7: Japan’s geologic history in question after discovery of metamorphic rock microdiamonds - Original
August 24: Reproducing the pathophysiology of polycystic kidney disease from human iPS cells - Original
August 24: Molecule secreted by cancer-associated fibroblasts promotes anticancer drug resistance - Original
August 11: NSD2 enzyme appears to prevent cellular senescence - Original
July 15: Amygdala changes in male patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder - Original
July 8: Cause of abnormal groundwater rise after large earthquake - Original
July 8: A novel sperm selection technology to increase success rates of in vitro fertilization - Original
June 29: Precise measurement of liquid iron density under extreme conditions - Original
June 19: The balancing act between plant growth and defense - Original
June 19: The novel mechanisms for inflammation and cancer induced by HTLV-1 - Original
June 9: New treatment target verification for myelodysplastic syndrome - Original
June 5: High uric acid levels benefit women’s lungs in aging and disease - Original
June 5: Discovery of a novel gene involved in DNA damage repair and male fertility - Original
April 21: New nanocarrier drug delivery technology crosses the blood-brain barrier - Original
April 8: Identification of new factors important in maintaining lung function in the elderly - Original
April 8: Alport syndrome severity can be predicted by causative protein genotype - Original
March 25: Extract from seeds of the Melinjo tree may improve obesity and diabetes - Original
March 3: Nobody at home: A great increase in out-of-home rates over 28 years in Kumamoto, Japan - New insights from novel use of travel survey data - - Original
March 3: Actin filaments control the shape of the cell structure that divides plant cells - Original
February 7: Discovery of genes involved in infertility - Original
February 5: Efficient cryopreservation of genetically modified rat spermatozoa - Original


August 15: Nanosecond pulsed electric fields activate immune cells - Original
July 10: Research shows that drinking Matcha tea can reduce anxiety - Original
July 10: A tale of two proteins: The best and worst of metabolic adaptation - Original1 / Original2
June 27: Shaken and stirred: Scientists capture the deformation effect of shock waves on a material - Original
June 3: Clean and effective electronic waste recycling - Original
April 5: Polysulfide donors strongly suppress inflammatory responses - Original: (No publication)
January 15: Ketone body utilization decreases when blood flow to the heart is reduced - Original


December 19: Ancient Japanese pottery includes an estimated 500 maize weevils -The rare discovery of a vessel with a high number of weevils provides clues to life in ancient Japan.- - Original
December 5: Molecular adlayer produced by dissolving water-insoluble nanographene in water - Original
November 21: Plant root hairs form outward due to shank hardening - Original
November 2: The protein Matrin-3 determines the fate of neural stem cells in brain development - Original
November 2: Reproducing pediatric kidney disease from human iPS cells - Original
September 4: Breaking osteoporosis: New mechanism activates bone-building cells On the road to developing new therapeutic drugs for osteoporosis and other bone degenerative diseases. - Original
August 22: Structural fluctuation evaluation in substances from measurement data New analytical method promises advances in battery and electronic device material development. - Original
July 24: Regulation of cell orientation and shape for tissue morphogenesis - Original
July 17: Optimizing pulsed electric fields to target cancer with calcium ions - Original: (No publication)
June 6: A typical communication pattern of people with Alzheimer’s disease - Original
May 21: Japanese student discovers new crustacean species in deep sea hydrothermal vent - Original
May 1: New catalyst turns ammonia into an innovative clean fuel - Original
April 13: Enzyme LSD1 found to regulate muscle fiber type differentiation - Original
April 3: 400 year-old documents reveal evidence of Japanese opium production and winemaking - Original
March 28: Humans risked limb ischemia in exchange for bipedal walking -Detailed comparison of mouse and human blood vessels using three-dimensional imaging- - Original
March 26: Breakthrough antimalarial drug delivery system using mesoporous silica nanoparticles - Original
March 9: A highly sensitive and multi-analytical system for hereditary kidney disease - Original
March 9: Determining the cause of difficult-to-control mitochondrial diseases - Original
February 8: iPS cell-derived inner ear cells may improve congenital hearing loss - Original
February 5: Ribosomes found to induce somatic cell pluripotency - Original
January 5: Defect in zinc supply mechanism affects pathology of intractable pulmonary diseases - Original


December 13: MWA radio telescope expansion complete—exploration of the universe’s first stars begins - Original: (No publication)
December 5: Refrigeration technology to maintain cold-stored mouse sperm viability for 10 days - Original
December 5: Preliminary stages of dementia reduce human face memorization ability - Original
November 9: New bioresources for plant peptide hormones using gene editing technology - Original
October 10: Pressure between layers of stacked graphene oxide nanosheets increases with heat -Graphene oxide nano-compressor controlled with heat- - Original
October 10: New drug protects heart from cardiac rupture after myocardial infarction - Original
October 10: A new method for removing cells infected with the AIDS virus -Taking steps towards complete recovery from AIDS- - Original
September 28: Development of an artificial orchid cultivation kit A new cultivation kit makes it cheap and easy to grow orchids from seed at home. - Original
September 21: Small intestine permeable peptides facilitate digestive tract absorption Changing injected drugs into orally administered medications - Original
September 14: Incidence of acute myocardial infarction may increase the day after Asian dust exposure - Original
August 24: Anticoagulants used for arrhythmia can have different thrombus formation rates - Original
August 24: Bacterial infection stresses hematopoietic stem cells Infection-induced hematopoietic stem cell stress may lead to anemia or leukemia. - Original1 / Original2
August 3: Cockroach gardeners: spreading plant seeds across the forest floor An azalea family plant relies on cockroaches for seed dispersal - Original: (No publication)
July 19: Parasitic worms may lead to agricultural stem cell breakthrough -Parasitic nematodes found to usurp plant stem cells to make nests!- - Original
July 11: Ancient Greek theaters used moveable stages more than 2000 years ago - Original
May 26: New theory predicts wetted area of droplets colliding with flat surface - Original
May 18: Epigenetic program leading to vessel differentiation - Original
May 15: Fast, low energy, and continuous biofuel extraction from microalgae - Original
May 15: Microdevice provides novel method of measuring cell mechanical properties - Original
March 10: Artificial cell division “switch” successfully enabled - Original
March 10: Cellular senescence prevented by the SETD8 enzyme - Original
January 26: New mouse model helps in search for better COPD and CF treatments - Original
January 11: Historical documents reveal evidence of Japanese winemaking 400-year ago - Original: (No publication)


December 20: Oral bacterium related esophageal cancer prognosis in Japanese patients - Original
November 16: Hearing with your eyes – A Western style of speech perception - Original1 / Original2
November 14: Development of a wearable medical device for type 2 diabetes - Original
November 1: Discovery of blood biomarkers for early pancreatic cancer detection - Original
October 14: Discovery and gene therapy treatment of a novel heart failure mechanism - Original
September 20: Brain network differences in audio-visual processing between native speakers of English and Japanese - Original
August 9: Development of a novel carbon nanomaterial "pot" - Original
July 20: Molecular switch for controlling color and fluorescence - Original
July 15: Hidden moss chloroplast ‘wall’ discovered - Original
July 13: Historical Documents Regarding Kumamoto Castle: Repeated Damage Due to Natural Disasters and the Repairs Performed - Original: (No publication)
June 7: Expansion of kidney progenitor cells toward regenerative medicine - Original
June 6: Mechanisms of Persistent Infection for the Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus - Original
May 25: Even light drinkers should watch for fatty liver disease - Original
May 20: Simple screening test can predict heart failure severity - Original
April 6: Heart rate variability predicts epileptic seizure - Original
February 22: Japanese earthenware time capsules contain 4,300 year old cockroach egg case impressions - Original: (No publication)
February 17: Protein that limits the severity of genetic kidney disease found - Original
January 29: Finding the right antithrombotic (anti-clotting) drug for you - Original


November 26: iPS-derived kidney cells successfully connected to capillary network! - Original
November 26: Control of blood vessel formation - Original
November 10: Skin cancer causing fusion gene identified - Original
September 7: Spasm at site of atherosclerotic coronary artery narrowing increases risk of future heart attack. - Original
August 3: Preventable onset of myocardial infarction through coadministration of two drugs. - Original
August 3: Gene mutation contributes to liver disease in patients of normal weight - Original
June 22: The successful ovulation of 100 eggs from 1 female mice - Original
May 26: Therapy-resistant breast cancer mechanism revealed. - Original

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