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School of Informatics

・Data Science General course  ・Data Science Semiconductor course

The School of Informatics, established in April 2024, is the first new faculty at Kumamoto University in 75 years since its founding in 1949. The School aims to nurture human resources with broad insights and expertise in society, science, and technology, combined with a rich sense of humanity. These individuals will support the sustainable development of society from a technological perspective and strive to achieve a symbiotic relationship between human society and the global environment.

To accomplish this, we offer an education policy focused on acquiring knowledge and creativity that transcends the boundaries of liberal arts and sciences. We operate under a small-group teaching system with an enrollment capacity of 60 students per academic year. Our approach includes collaboration with the faculties of Law, Medicine, Science, and Engineering as cooperative partner faculties. Additionally, we provide joint courses in collaboration with Prefectural University of Kumamoto and Tokai University. We also emphasize Project-Based Learning (PBL) exercises and improving English ability.

Moreover, we offer two specialized courses aimed at cultivating human resources essential for society: the Data Science General course, which covers a wide range of fields where data science can be applied, such as economics and learning methodologies; and the Data Science Semiconductor course, which focuses on semiconductor manufacturing and quality management.
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