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Research Center for Instructional Systems

 RCiS, the Research Center for Instructional Systems, consists of three research departments and one operations department. The research departments aim to make RCiS a world-leading research center for instructional systems. The operations department is IeLD, the Institute for e-Learning Development.
 RCiS is distinctive in that it offers practical fields inside and outside Kumamoto University, and is developing research on both higher education and vocational education. RCiS, as the first research center in Japan for Instructional Systems, manifests the belief, “When it comes to Instructional Systems or Instructional Design, there’s no institution like Kumamoto University.” RCiS works in close cooperation with research centers inside and outside Japan. It develops instructional systems and contributes to society through joint research with associate research institutions, which include corporations and higher education institutions, and with associate researchers consisting of graduates of the Graduate School of Instructional Systems in Kumamoto University and elsewhere.
URL: http://www.rcis.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/home_en/
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