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Headquarters for Admissions and Education

The Headquarters for Admissions and Education serves as a high governance organization to supervise quality control of higher education in Kumamoto University. Dealing with a changing entrance examination system and supporting both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are entering Kumamoto University during these changes, this organization constructs, supervises, and manages educational programs based on the analyses of enormous volume of educational data and in accordance with the vision, policy and strategy of the university as a core organization.

Mathematical Science Education Center

The Mathematical Science Education Center (MSEC) in the Headquarters for Admissions and Education was established in January 2019 with the aim of promoting and enhancing mathematical science education including data science. MSEC also aims to enhance mathematical science education in Kumamoto by cooperating with regional universities, technical colleges, and high schools. In order to achieve these goals, MSEC improves teaching methods in Kumamoto University and prepares effective teaching materials related to mathematics and data science.

Center for International Education

The Center for International Education, affiliated with the Headquarters for Admissions and Education, offers multilingual, multicultural, and multidisciplinary studies courses aimed at equipping graduates with the skills needed to work on a global scale. These subjects help students develop deep comprehension of social and natural sciences, learn modern languages, and understand the values of various foreign countries and cultures, thereby providing them the tools needed to think both comprehensively and globally.

The Center is involved in cooperative learning programs between high schools and the university, and also works together with local businesses and the community.
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