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School of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy is based upon the belief that the pharmaceutical sciences are the advanced sciences contributing to human health through drugs. Students acquire a basic knowledge of the development, production and management of pharmaceutical products, covering environment and health as well as many other skills required to become a pharmacist. The school aims to educate creative graduates who have the high abilities of pharmaceutical thought, logics and ethics based on life sciences. For this purpose, the school conducts basic practical and clinical training together with modern lectures from the three perspectives; knowledge, technique, and attitude.

After graduating, students go on to work in various fields, as pharmacists in hospitals or pharmacies, and researchers in pharmaceutical and chemical companies or in government and other public facilities. However, over half of the graduates continue their education at graduate level to become either pharmaceutical researchers or advanced pharmacists.

In 2006, the pharmaceutical sciences course was split into the School of Pharmacy, a six-year course for the cultivation of pharmacists, and the School of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, a four-year course focusing on the training of researchers.


Research Institute for Drug Discovery

The Research Institute for Drug Discovery (RIDD) was created as a research facility and is staffed by members of the Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty at Kumamoto University. RIDD is made up of researchers from various fields connected with drug discovery and development, focusing on the development of novel clinical drugs and the education of outstanding researchers in this field. The first institute of its kind at a Japanese national university, the RIDD comprises four departments - Project Research Department, Private Enterprise Joint Development Department, Local Network Department and Research Support Department. The RIDD works to discover and develop therapeutically beneficial drugs that will bear the label, "Made by Kumamoto University."

Center for Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Center for Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences (CCPS) was founded as a research and education institute for the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in April 2008. This facilitated the need for collaboration between the Drug Development Department and the Drugs Improvement Department in the pharmacy school. The CCPS performs this task by providing a Department of Education and a Department of Clinical Research, and is aiming to expand and promote education in the appropriate use of drugs. We welcome the involvement of our regional pharmacists and are committed to conducting research and educational activities that will advance the appropriate use of drugs.

Eco-Frontier Center of Medicinal Resources (Medicinal Plant Garden)

Medicinal plant garden from 2010, was renamed the " Eco-Frontier Center of Medicinal Resources(Eco-FCMR)" with the aim to promote the cultivation, research, education and public awareness of medicinal resources that the original medicine.
Recently Eco-FCMR is referred to as a medicinal herb park, to expand the scale and about 7,000m2, and breeding and store roughly 1,000 varieties of medicinal plants in the specimen and tree garden (3,100m2), including such rare plants and rare medicinal plants. Some of these collections have been published to students and the general public as a living specimen. Eco-FCMR contributes to education in Pharmaceutical Science studies. The garden is home to a host of medicinal plants for use in studies and also contains a seedling nursery in the cultivation farm (3,700m2). The lab is devoted to the continued research and study of physiologically active materials taken from medicinal plants, genetic maintenance of medicinal plants, and acquisition of medicinal plants and the cultivation of medicinal plants. Seminars offered at the garden detail Kampo Medicine and medicinal plants. These seminars are open to the general public and students alike.

URL: http://www.pharm.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/
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