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Center of Community Project

The Project for Planning and Promoting Local Community Oriented Education

The purpose of The Project for Planning and Promoting Local Community Oriented Education (also called “COC”) is to produce individuals who study in the community to find ways to address various problems with creativity, and to contribute to progress in society from a global perspective. This involves the nurturing of talented people who are brimming with the “Spirit of Kumamoto University.” Major changes in global society, such as depopulation, have brought deeply-interconnected problems to the local communities of Kumamoto Prefecture as well.

Local community oriented education in Kumamoto University shall move forward as follows:
Step 1: Find motivation for learning by understanding the local history, culture and current situation.
Step 2: Identity specific local issues through the lectures of business people and KU instructors (class lectures).
Step 3: Join with the community in dealing with actual issues.

Kumamoto University will incorporate these community issues and solutions into its education through the Center of Community Project, and make every effort to reform the university organization and curricula to produce talented individuals who proactively learn from the community, think effectively while using their special knowledge, and seize the initiative.

Education Program to expand industry and employment in Kumamoto under “All Kumamoto” united efforts

In order to control the outflow of younger population from Kumamoto Prefecture and to attract the young talents, it is essential to provide them with the industry-oriented education system which nurtures the students for local industries and community. The Program for Promoting Regional Revitalization by Universities as Centers of Community (COC+) aims to promote the representative industries of Kumamoto, in the area of manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and fishing. It also aims to produce skilled individuals who can implement the measures needed for“ revitalization” process and job creation.

Kumamoto University is holding a leadership role in industry development mainly in the manufacturing industry of the central and northern areas of Kumamoto Prefecture. In this program, universities, business organizations and other business-related associations in Kumamoto, as well as in Kumamoto Prefectural Government, will closely cooperate with each other for human resource development under “All Kumamoto” united efforts.

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