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Kumamoto University Research Projects


Kumamoto University continues to pioneer distinguished and high level research as a regional and seminal institute that strives to act as a hub for developing international research. Thus far, Kumamoto University has officially authorized 4 vital domains as cutting-edge international research and provided 6 years of focused support accordingly. Additionally, it has initiated the “Kumamoto University Excellent Research Projects” (3 years) to support research fields that will prove invaluable to future generations, as well as supporting the bold and highly ambitious “Kumamoto University Challenging Research Projects” (1 year), since fiscal year 2017.


Kumamoto University Challenging Research Projects

Bold research projects with the potential for revolutionizing established concepts and changing the direction of academia fall within the framework of Kumamoto University Challenging Research Projects. These programs aim to revitalize research that may represent the future of Kumamoto University and are funded for one year.


Kumamoto University Excellent Research Projects

The Kumamoto University Excellent Research Project aims to develop world-leading research areas that represent the potential of Kumamoto University. It focuses on nurturing researchers who are already highly successful in their respective fields so that they may pass their knowledge on to future generations. Only the most highly evaluated projects are approved for the three-year funding support.

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