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Faculty of Life Sciences

The explosive growth in life sciences research in recent years has caused the traditional boundaries between the fields of medical, health science and pharmaceutical research to be substantially disappeared. Due to that, and to the striking development of research in the area of interdisciplinary studies, we are now in an era where the integration of these fields has become essential. In order to respond to these developments, the former Graduate Schools of Medical Sciences, of Pharmacy and of Health Sciences were integrated. As a result, a graduate school with a new system that has a separate research department (faculty-only organization) and education department (educational organization) was established in April 2003. The faculty of Life Sciences is composed of 3 divisions, 15 major departments, and 75 departments of research, and is one of the largest research- oriented organizations with medical, pharmaceutical and health science university staffs in Japan. In the Division of Integrated Life Sciences, research is conducted with the aim of deepening the understanding of basic knowledge and theory in the fields of medicine, health science and pharmacy. In the Division of Advanced Biomedical Sciences, advanced research in the field of life sciences is conducted in such areas as transplantation therapy and new drug development. In the Division of Environmental and Sociomedical Sciences, along with scientific investigation of the link between both society and medicine/ pharmacy as well as between disease and the environment, leading research related to life theory is conducted. The mission of the Faculty of Life Sciences is to contribute to the health and well-being of mankind through research and education related to life sciences and medical care.

URL: http://www.medphas.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/faculty/index.html
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