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Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law, which grew out of the Fifth High School, was established as part of the Faculty of Law and Letters of Kumamoto University under the new system in 1949. In 1979, the Faculty of Law and Letters was reorganized into two faculties, the present Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Letters. The Faculty of Law had two departments, Law and Public Policy, before 2004 when the School of Law was established as a graduate course. The two departments of the Faculty of Law were then merged into one, the Department of Law. The Faculty of Law adopts a two-course system, with the Course of Law and the Course of Public Policy, between which students choose at the beginning of their third year. Now the Faculty devotes itself to an education in the basics and the fundamentals of law and public policy.
The educational goal of the Faculty is to develop students’ abilities, give them a solid grounding in legal knowledge, teach them to think, express themselves, and debate in legal and political terms, and to find solutions to issues and disputes in society. To these ends, the Faculty of Law offers students a personalized education, including compulsory and small seminar-style classes, one of which students are required to take each year.
URL: http://www.law.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/
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