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Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education was established in May 1949 under the new Kumamoto University system. It originated from schools such as the Kumamoto Teacher’s High School created in 1874.

The Faculty of Education currently has four courses. One course trains teachers for the elementary school and junior high school levels, while a second trains teachers for other types of schools.

In addition, at the Center for Educational Research and School Development, students can receive advice on matters related to educational practice, particularly what to do when problems occur on the job. The Center also engages in practical research.


Center for Educational Research and School Development

The Center analyzes and seeks practical solutions to the problems that arise in education. It also conducts research on what types of classes and curricula meet contemporary needs. To achieve these aims, it has established an Education Clinic Division, comprised of an Education Consultation Section and an Education Organization Section, and Education Curriculum Division. It also develops comprehensive, practical activities in cooperation with related organizations.

Special Courses

Course in Special Needs Education

This course is geared toward incumbent teachers as well as current students from Kumamoto University and toward students with a BA degree or higher from other universities. Through specialized instruction in special needs education, the course helps students to fulfill the requirements for their Diploma in Special Needs Education. The course is designed to produce teachers who have specialized knowledge in the field.

Yogo teacher training special course

This course is meant to produce highly-qualified Yogo teachers. It is designed for those who already have their nursing license, as well as those who are in the process of obtaining it. The curriculum consists of general education subjects, specialized subjects in Yogo teacher and specialized subjects in teaching.
URL: https://www.educ.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/?lang=en
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