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Kumamoto University Ranks 1st in Japan (47th in the world) for SDG Goal 14, Secures Top 400 ... June 17 2024
Agreement on Academic Exchange with Fisheries Research Institute(Taiwan)Was Renewed June 11 2024


New HIV Reporter Model: Visualizing HIV Viral Dynamics in Cells with Dual Fluorescence June 7 2024


Introducing Kumamoto University to Indonesian Students June 7 2024


Courtesy Visit by Guangxi Medical University May 31 2024


A Warm Welcome for International Students 2024 May 31 2024


Courtesy Visit by Consul General of Royal Thai Consulate-General, Fukuoka May 24 2024


KUMAMOTO MIRAI PARK-A VR adventure led by Kumamoto University students May 24 2024



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Desire to Learn English Education in Japan! Leveraging Career as an English Teacher in Uzbek... June 7 2024
Create a Wonderland with VR May 24 2024
Observe, Smell and Listen: A Journey Through Medicinal Plants May 13 2024
Life in a Shared Room of Kumamoto University’s International House March 31 2023