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Eisei-Bunko Research Center

The Eisei-Bunko Research Center was established by the Inter-Department Institutes for Education and Research in April 2017. Its purpose is to help us develop our research on the basis of the results of study and philanthropy. The Eisei-Bunko Research Center is attached to the Faculty of Letters, which was established in 2009. Research is focused on documents related to the Kumamoto Domain, the Eisei-Bunko Collection. This collection is currently housed at Kumamoto University, and the documents are among the most detailed and extensive daimyo documents available, both in terms of quality and quantity. This is a priority area for research and philanthropy unique to Kumamoto University.
 Through the general study of the Eisei-Bunko Collection and other documents, the Eisei-Bunko Research Center has organized a solid base for research. The Center also gives back results from its studies to the community through cooperation with cultural administrative organizations. At the same time, we help with the development of human resources who can contribute to the promotion of culture and research with a focus on the humanities and social sciences.

URL: http://eisei.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/
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