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Center for Water Cycle, Marine Environment, and Disaster Management (CWMD)

The Center for Water Cycle, Marine Environment, and Disaster Management (CWMD) was established in April 2017. CWMD consists of four laboratories: the Water Resource Research Laboratory; the Marine Science Laboratory; the Disaster Mitigation Laboratory and the Urban and Regional Design Laboratory. The Center is a leader in research and education on groundwater resources in Kumamoto, the marine environments of the Ariake and Yatsushiro Seas, disaster mitigation, and community design and participation.
  • Water Resource Research Laboratory
  • Through research and academic efforts, aims to protect the water cycle as it relates to groundwater resources.

  • Marine Science Laboratory
  • Performs research on biodiversity and ecosystems, sustainable development and conservation of marine resources, and analysis of environmental changes in coastal seabeds.

  • Disaster Mitigation Laboratory
  • Promotes a wide range of research and education in disaster prevention and reduction activities to develop and sustain a disaster-resilient society.

  • Urban and Regional Design Laboratory
  • Works on designing and implementing a livable, resilient, and sustainable local society that actively involves local communities and residents.

    Aitsu Marine Station

    The Aitsu Marine Station is located where the Ariake and Yatsushiro Seas meet, at an area remarkable for its 5-meter difference in sea level at low and high tides. No other marine station is situated at a place with such a high change in tides. Aitsu Marine Station is staffed by four people specialized in bioresource and biodiversity analysis who conduct training and research. The station has 3 buildings: a 3-story dormitory for researchers (589 m2 ), a 2-story building for practical study (785 m2 ), and a 1-story building for breeding marine creatures.
    There are 2 boats: the Dolphin Super Challenger and Shiranuhi.
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