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School of Medicine

The School of Medicine comprises the two sub-schools: the six-year School of Medicine and four-year School of Health Sciences. Graduates from the former become medical physicians after passing the National Examination for Medical Practitioners, while graduates from the latter become nurses, radiological technicians, and clinical technologists after passing the national examination for their specialty.

The School of Medicine has produced over 10,000 graduates since it was established as the independent Kumamoto Medical School in 1896. Specialized instruction in the field of medicine is conducted by faculty members of Medical and Life Sciences. The medical school constructs a curriculum framework that mostly reflects actual medical research and medical care. The curriculum focuses on fostering medical doctors who acquire a high level of personal communication skills. A new medical education and library building was completed in early autumn of 2008. The Center for Medical Education and Research was founded in October 2010 to promote a particular mission for education of medical professionals. This Education Center carries out the research on educational systems, the curriculum reform of medical school, and education of clinical medicine and practical techniques, etc.

The School of Health Sciences was established in October 2003 by integrating the University’s former three-year College of Medical Science (which includes the special course of study in tocology) with the University’s Department of Nursing from the Faculty of Education. The school aims to provide a spiritually rich education based on respect for life and humanity, along with a high level of specialized knowledge, and is cultivating medical staff, researchers, and educators that are highly-qualified to be able to contribute to many facets of society as members of medical teams.
URL: http://www.medphas.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/medical/index.html
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