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Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education has offered a master’s course program since April 1986. The department currently offers two majors based on the three organizational principles of practical application, interdisciplinary education and current practice: Educational Practices Major - school education (pedagogy and psychology), special needs education, and school health nursing education - and School Subject Methods and Practices Major - Language Education (Japanese and English), Science and Mathematics Education ( science and mathematics), Social Science Education (social studies), Technology and Human Life Science (technology education and home economics education), and Arts and Sports Education (music, art, health and physical education). Since the aim of the department is to improve the quality and qualifications of teachers, in-service teachers are also admitted. The school provides instruction in and conducts research on educational practices.

Students who complete the Graduate School of Education course receive a Master of Education degree. Students can also work to receive their teaching certificate.

URL: https://www.educ.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/?lang=en
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