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Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

The origin of the Faculty of Engineering was the Department of Engineering of the Fifth High School, which was established in 1897. Since then, the university has turned out more than 30,000 alumni who are working actively all around the world. Thanks to an existing alumni network, graduates have been able to find work with many quality companies. Many other students choose to continue their education in a master’s program after they graduate. The goals of the Faculty of Engineering are two-fold. First, it aims to contribute to the well-being of humankind and the development of society by creating the technology to help society co-exist with the global environment. Its second aim is to foster people with a rich sense of humanity who can contribute to the global and local communities by looking at things from a global point of view.


Engineering Research Equipment Center

Various measuring and testing instruments (LVP-SEM, XRD, ESCA, etc - about 20 models) are made available for advanced experiments and research by allowing their shared use.

Creative Engineering and Design Education Center

The center cultivates technologists with a rich sense of creativity and the ability to build innovations. It does this by developing and providing outstanding educational programs at the Faculty of Engineering.

URL: https://www.eng.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/english/
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