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Joint Research Center for Human Retrovirus Infection

On April 1, 2019, the Center for AIDS Research of Kumamoto University and the Center for Chronic Viral Diseases of Kagoshima University merged to form the Joint Research Center for Human Retrovirus Infection. This inter-university research center between two National University Corporations is a pioneering enterprise in Japan. The Center focuses on the prevention and eradication of human retroviruses, the latency of which has made it a challenging global health problem. To this end, we conduct global research and education based on our research achievements regarding the pathogenesis of human retroviruses. We are also developing our strengths—AIDS research at the Kumamoto campus and HTLV-1/HBV research at the Kagoshima campus—by utilizing economies of scale and the resources of our parental centers, clarifying our goals, educating the next generation of researchers, and sharpening our competitive edge in the world.
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