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Voices from Students (back-number)

These articles are from "Kumadai Tsushin", a quarterly magazine published by Kumamoto University. The reports will give you an interesting variety of views on studying and life at Kumamoto University.
(Comments from other students are here.)

Magrzyk, Paulina Maria (Poland),
Testa Brandon, Eric, Robert (France),
Xenia Fernandez Fragine (Spain),
Phonenapha Keothavong (Laos)

Round-Table Talk by International Students Studying Japan at Kumamoto University (KU)

> Vol. 60 (Apr 2016)

Yukiko Nabila Putri (Indonesia)
Graduate School of Scoial and Cultural Sciences

Born in Kumamoto A bridge linking Indonesia and Japan

> Vol. 57 (Jul 2015)

YKwak Kwangsik (Korea)
Graduate School of Science and Technology

Advancing Steel-materials Research with Kumamoto University’s One-of-a-Kind Apparatus

> Vol. 56 (Apr 2015)


I Putu Sanrio Sutandi (Indonesia)
Faculty of Letters

Acquiring Japanese Language and Culture I Love and Want to Play a Role as a Bridge between Japan and Indonesia.

> Vol. 54 (Oct 2014)

Alim Nathan Ray (Philippines)
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

I Hope to Gain a Broad Perspective through the HIGO Program, and Contribute to Medicine in the Philippines with Pharmaceutical Chemistry

> Vol. 53 (Jul 2014)

Dr. Manuel Enrique Zeledon Ramirez (Costa Rica)
Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Making use of what I have learned at Kumamoto University To contribute to organ trapslantation treatment in Costa Rica

> Vol. 50 (Oct 2013)

Andri Rezano (Indonesia)
Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Feeling the Heart of Japan through the Custom of Hanami and Appreciation for the Seasones

> Vol. 49 (Jul 2013)

Kulinaeva Anna Vladimirovna (Uzbekistan)
Faculty of Education

Teaching the joys of English communication to children in Uzbekistan

> Vol. 48 (Apr 2013)

Prathoumxay Sousada (Laos)
Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences

From the most academic place in Kumamoto,aspiring to help energize Laos

> Vol. 47 (Jan 2013)

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