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Japanese Language

About Japanese Classes

The College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies offers the following classes related to the Japanese language and Japanese studies for international students and researchers at Kumamoto University.

  • Japanese Language classes (General Education classes)

Undergraduate students, students in the Short-Term Exchange Program and students in the Japanese Studies Program may enroll in most of these classes for academic credits.
  • Japanese classes for the “Intensive Japanese course for Japanese Government Scholarship students”, “Teacher-Training students”, and “undergraduate students in the Japan - Korea Joint Exchange Program in Science and Engineering”
  • Japanese Language Course for Beginners

These calsses and course do not award academic credits.

Various levels of classes are oered so that students can choose classes according to their Japanese prociency and their interests. Japanese Studies classes are also oered to provide students with a broad knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture, society and technology.


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