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Tutor and Health Care

Personal Tutor Scheme

We have a tutor scheme to assist new students at Kumamoto University assimilate to life in Japan as quickly as possible. These tutors would offer living support and study support to international students.
For details about the tutor scheme, 
Guide to Using the International Student Tutor Scheme [PDF 219KB]

Health Care

Kumamoto University Health Care Center offers a wide range of medical services from general health care to various specialist services.


Health Consultation

When you feel sick, contact the staff at the Health Care Center, and visit the Ceter if you need medical treatment. Also, mental health doctors can see students who have mental problems. The contents of the discussions are kept strictly confidential.


Special Consultation

Medical doctors from Kumamoto University Hospital are available for special treatment. Details such as the day and the type of consultation will be posted on the bulletin board. Consultations are free of charge.


Periodic Medical Check-ups

Medical examinations conducted for international students consist of a medical examination at the time of admission to the university and then regular medical examinations from the second year on.
If students do not undergo a physical health examination, they cannot obtain the Physical Health Examination Certificate necessary for employment, education continuance, and scholarships application for new arrivals.

Health Care Center Webpage

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