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Necessary Procedures before Leaving Japan

When you return to home country after completing our student life at Kumamoto University, there are many procedures that you must complete before leaving Japan, as well as greeting your teacher and friends.
Necessary procedures are written in the “Handbook for International Students”.
Be sure to plan your schedule based on how many days you have until leaving Kumamoto!
If you will remain in Japan for employment, etc., you need to change your visa status promptly.

Deciding and informing your return date

When booking your return ticket, check the scholarship payment/signing schedule to make sure you have a return date after the last payment date.

Moving out of your apartment

You must notify your landlord or real estate agent at least one month prior to your return to your home country of the date you plan to move out. If you give last minute notice, you will be charged the next month's rent.
If you do not keep the room clean and in the same condition as when you started living in the apartment, the cost of repairs will be deducted from your deposit. If the condition of the room is extremely poor, you may be charged for additional expenses. In Kumamoto City, large items such as furniture, bedding, bicycles, etc. must be disposed of by application in advance (paid service). Please call "Gomi Zero Call" to apply for the collection in advance.
TVs, air conditioners, refrigerated freezers, washing machines, and personal computers cannot be disposed of by local authorities due to the law, so please ask the electrical appliance store you purchased them from, a partner collection store, or the manufacturer of the item to collect them. You will be charged a collection fee for all of these items.
For those who have a parking lot contract, please contact the managing company one month before you move out to cancel the contract.
If you are using the Kumamoto University's Institution Endorsement, you must notify the International Student Office of the cancellation procedure.
Kumamoto City Foreign Language Guide to Garbage Sorting (English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese versions)
Garbage Zero Call Phone Number 0570-00-5374
Office hours: Monday to Saturday (except for the New Year's holidays) 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Procedures at the Ward Office

When your return date is fixed, you should go to the ward office and complete the following procedures after preparing the necessary documents.
[Required Documents]
Residence card
National Health Insurance Card
National Pension Book (for members only)
My Number System Notification Card or Individual Card

Submission of a Notification of Moving Out

Please submit a "Moving-out notice" at the Citizen Registration Section. If you do not submit this form, you may be charged for the National Health Insurance premiums after you leave Japan.   

My Number System: Return of Notification Card and Personal Card

Please return the notification card or individual card at the Citizen Registration Section.

Return the National Health Insurance Card and pay the insurance premium

Please return your insurance card to the National Health Insurance Section and complete the withdrawal procedure. Also, please pay the insurance premiums in full.

Withdrawal from the National Pension Plan

Withdrawal procedures must be completed at the National Pension Service Office.

Settlement of Utility and Mobile Phone Bills

For utility bills such as electricity, gas, water and other utilities, mobile phone and internet bills, you must notify us several days before you move out of the apartment to stop using them.

Payment of Bills for Utility and Mobile Phone, etc.

Bring your bank book, cash card, residence card / passport and your personal seal to your bank to close your account. Also, before closing your account, make sure your scholarship has been deposited until the last month, and if you are paying your utility or mobile phone bills by automatic direct debit, make sure you have paid your last month's payment.
For Higo Bank's Kokaibashi Branch, make an appointment in advance and then go to the branch to close your account. If you are not confident in your Japanese language skills, ask a Japanese friend to accompany you to the branch.
Higo Bank, Kokaibashi Branch: Phone Number: 096-343-2185

Canceling Bicycle Security Registration

[Required Documents]
Bicycle Security Registration Card
Identification (residence card or passport)
If you give away your bicycle, please delete your registration, and if the person who received the bicycle will newly register the bicycle.
Cancellation procedure: free of charge
Registration fee: 600 yen
If you are unable to cancel the registration when you give your bicycle away, the person who receives the bicycle can cancel the registration for you. At that time, you should give the bicycle to the person, along with the Bicycle Security Registration Card and the documents you received when you purchased the bicycle. If you have lost your Bicycle Security Registration Card, write a "Certificate of Transfer" and give it to the person.

Returning Your Residence Card

Please return your residence card at the departure airport's departure counter or immigration office.

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