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Pulsed Power Science and Application

Project Leader
Prof. KATSUKI Sunao
Institute of Pulsed Power Science

Pulsed power is an instantaneous form of energy, whether electrical energy, chemical energy, mechanical energy, or optical energy, that can exert a tremendous amount of power. The magnitude of pulsed power can be equivalent to the total of all electrical power consumption at an instant in Kyushu, in Japan, or even in the world.

Pulsed power is capable of generating unusually extreme fields, such as ultra-high-pressure fields, ultra-high electromagnetic fields, super-gravity fields and a variety of plasmas. This group furthers studies of pulsed-power produced in extremely reactive fields, and explores applications in material processing, environmental protection, biotechnology, medical treatment, food processing, and more, as well as further developing pulsed power technology. Our facilities and equipment are among the most advanced in the world, and include a comprehensive explosion experiment facility, the world’s first super-gravity generation device, a comprehensive bioelectrics experiment facility, and pulsed power infrastructure equipment of great variety in terms of time range (down to sub-nanoseconds) and power range (up to 10 GW).

The facilities and equipment are used not only for our own research but also for researchers from disparate fields associated with both companies and other universities, and, as such, are widely deployed in the related fields of pulsed power science and technology.

We are seeking solutions to various problems that the international community is facing, and working to contribute to the
realization of a safe and secure society by using pulsed power science and technology. Furthermore, we seek to encourage
young researchers to be international leaders by providing them with international and interdisciplinary research environments.
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