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International Research Center Aiming at the Control of AIDS

Project Leader
Prof. TAKIGUCHI Masafumi
Center for AIDS Research

More than 30 million people are living with HIV-1 worldwide, and roughly two million people die of AIDS-related illnesses each year. Among developed countries, Japan has been experiencing increased incidences of HIV infection. Thus, HIV/AIDS remains a substantial threat to the global health, and developing an HIV vaccine and therapies to cure HIV/AIDS have been the ultimate goal.

New program “International Research Center Aiming at the control of AIDS” will establish an enhanced international research and education core based on the framework of the successfully implemented global COE “Global Education and Research Center Aiming at the Control of AIDS” Program over the five years. To further expand international collaborations, research effort will be reorganized and place a renewed emphasis on studies leading to the development of 1) new therapies to cure HIV/AIDS and 2) an HIV/AIDS vaccine.

This program will also enhance educational opportunities for Ph.D. students and assume its role as a top-level international graduate school. The current internationally open educational system in the AIDS course provides overseas research experience. The new program will increase the number of students who will perform research at the Overseas Liaison Laboratories (OLL) and enhance the quality of education.
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