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The MEXT Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies [Announcement of Additional Offering] (Update: July 9, 2020)

July 9th, 2020
Application Procedures for the MEXT Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies
[Announcement of Additional Offering]
We are now accepting additional applications for the “Emergency Student Support Handout” for students who, in principle, are living outside of their homes and have difficulty continuing their studies at their university in their part-time income because of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.
※This is the last call for applying for the "Emergency Student Support Handout".

Applicable Students

Students enrolled in the University's undergraduate and graduate schools, Yogo teacher training special course and diploma course in special needs education, including international students
(The following students are not eligible: credited auditors, research students, special auditing students (exchange students), and special research students (exchange research students))

Those who completed the application procedure between May 21 and June 12, 2020 and have already received the Emergency Student Support Handout (200,000 yen or 100,000 yen) are not eligible to apply again this time.

Handout Amount

Students exempt from residence tax: 200,000 yen
Other students: 100,000 yen

Handout Recipient Requirements

Students who, in principle, live away from home and whose part-time income has decreased significantly (by more than 50% from the previous month) since January 2020 because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Please refer to page 5 of the application guide below for details on the requirements for the recipients of the handout.
    Emergency Student Support Handout for Continuing Studies: Application Guide (for Students) (pdf file)

How to Apply

Please fill out the following Form 1 "Application Form" and Form 2 "Oath" and attach documents proving that you meet the requirements for the handout, and submit them by e-mail, post, or by bringing them to the Economical Support Counter, Student Life Division.
  • Please refer to page 7 of the Application Guide for more information on the "Documentation providing you meet the handout criteria" that must be submitted.
Application Guide(pdf file 206KB)
Form 1 “Application for Emergency Student Support Handout” (word file 26KB)
Form 2 “Oath” (word file 22KB)
Frequently Asked Questions(pdf file 74KB)
※Notes on the Application Form 1 and Documents to be Attached
 [3. Items to Submit].
  • Fill in your monthly part-time job earnings (in thousands of yen) for the period from January to June 2020.
    ※ Even if you have submitted a copy of the pay stub from your part-time job, be sure to fill it in.
  • If the tuition fees of the university are not included in "Amount of money sent from home (annual amount)", which you state in the check items of the Form 2 Oath, please describe how you will raise money for tuition payments (scholarships, part-time income, personal savings, etc.). Please indicate it if you receive full tuition fee exemption.
 [4. Attached documents]
  • For "a copy of the lease contract for an apartment, etc. (for students living outside the home)," if the period of the lease contract has been terminated, submit the original certificate of residence or the most recent utility payment notice (indicate the address of the apartment where you live and your name).
    ※ Applicants must submit the “Certificate of Scholarship” and/or “Certificate of Exemption from Resident's Taxation” if applicable.

Application Period

Thursday, July 9, 2020 - Wednesday, July 22, 2020 [Strict deadline]

Where to Submit the Application

 (E-mail address) gag-manabi@jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp
Please convert the necessary documents into photos or other forms and attach them to the e-mail. Be sure to submit the application and other files using your Student E-mail Address provided by the University ([student no.]@st.kumamoto-u.ac.jp). Personal e-mail addresses will not be accepted. 
(Postal address)
Economical Support Team, Student Life Division, Student Affairs Department, Kumamoto University (no need to enter address)
  • We will accept applications with a postmark of Wednesday, July 22.
 (Bring to the counter)
Conference Room 1, First floor of General Education Building, Kurokami North Campus, Kumamoto University
  • The counter is open from 9:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.