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Overseas Alumni

Overseas Alumni in Indonesia

Our very first “Overseas Alumni” is established in Indonesia with the help of formal students who are now active in various fields in Indonesia such as Director of Spectrum Frequency in Directorate General Post & Telecommunication (DIRJEN POSTEL). In 2013, Kumamoto University hold the forum in Surabaya. At that time, we also had the establishment ceremony of “Overseas Alumni in Indonesia”. In this opportunity, we stared to organize “Overseas Alumni in Indonesia” and conduct many activities. Our activities are as follows:
  1. Conduct regular meetings with alumni members
  2. Conduct meetings with students, faculty members, staffs and alumni of Kumamoto University who travel to the country/area
  3. Support students who wish or who will come to Kumamoto University to study
  4. Support students who are sent from Kumamoto University
  5. Provide employment support to current international students at Kumamoto University
  6. Facilitate information exchange between Kumamoto University and alumni itself as well as alumni members
Thanks to the alumni, Kumamoto University could improve our globalization through these activities.

Address: ITS International Office Gedung Rektorat Lantai 1 Kampus ITS Keputih
– Sukolilo Surabaya Jawa Timur, 60111 Indonesia
TEL: +62-31-596-6985  E-mail: mia.hernawati.sby@gmail.com

Overseas Alumni in Shanghai

Address: 1509 15/F, 1038 WEST Nanjin Road, Shanghai 200041, China
TEL: +86-21-6218-6901  E-mail: hehaiyang@kumamoto-shanghai.com


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