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Campus Maps

There are three main campuses: Kurokami, Honjo-Kuhonji and Oe campus.
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Kurokami Campus

Kurokami North Campus

  1. Kurokami North C1 (Academic Commons Kurokami Bldg. 5 (EISEI-BUNKO Research Center))
  2. *The Memorial Museum of the Fifth High School
  3. University Library
  4. University Library (South Building) / The Open University of Japan Kumamoto Study Center
  5. Health Care Center
  6. North Student Hall Bldg. A (Cafeteria, Bookstore and Shops)
  7. North Student Hall Bldg. B
  8. Guard Station
  9. *The Red Gate
  1. Club room 1
  2. Kurokami Gymnasium
  3. Club room 2
  4. Club room 3
  5. Athletic Field (Bufugen)
  6. Swimming Pool
  1. Kurokami North E1 (General Education Building)
  2. Kurokami North E2 (Academic Commons Kurokami Bldg. 6)
  3. Kurokami North E3 (Academic Commons Kurokami Bldg. 6)
  4. *The Chemical Laboratory of the Fifth High School
  5. Environmental Safety Center
  6. College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies Building
  7. -
  8. Kurokami North E8 (Faculty of Education East class room)
  9. Kurokami North E9 (Special Support School Bldg. A)
  10. Kurokami North E10 (Special Support School Bldg. B)
  11. Kurokami North E11 (Special Support School Bldg. C)
  12. Kurokami North E12 (Special Support School Gymnasium)
  13. Kurokami North E13 (`Suzukake-no-ie' ADL Training House)
  14. Swimming Pool
  15. Athletic Field
  1. Kurokami North N1 (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Law Main Building)
  2. Kurokami North N2 (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Law South Building)
  3. Kurokami North N3 (School of Law)
  4. Kurokami North N4 (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Law Lecture Building B)
  5. Kurokami North N5 (Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences)
  6. Kurokami North N6 (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Law North Building)
  7. Kurokami North N7 (Faculty of Education Music Deaprtment Building)
  8. Kurokami North N8 (Faculty of Education)
  9. Kurokami North N9 (Faculty of Education West Building)
  10. Kurokami North N10 (Faculty of Education Main Building)
  11. Kurokami North N11 (Faculty of Education East Building)
  12. University Archives
  13. `Ai Work' Job Cafeteria
  14. Chimeido Hall
  15. Kusunoki Hall

Kurokami South Campus

  1. Kurokami South C1 (Academic Commons Kurokami Bldg. 7)
  2. Kurokami South C2 (Architecture and Building Engineering) (Civil and Environmental Engineering) *The new building is under construction.
  3. Kurokami South C3 (Mechanical System Engineering) (Material Science and Engineering)
  4. Kurokami South C4 (Academic Commons Kurokami Bldg. 2)
  5. Kurokami South C5 (Laboratory for Nanostructure Characterization)
  6. Kurokami South C6 (Acoustic Laboratory)
  7. Kurokami South C7 (Academic Commons Kurokami Bldg. 3
  8. Kurokami South C8 (Engineering Lecture Hall)
  9. Kurokami South C9 (Center for Management of Information Technologies)
  10. University Archives
  11. ■University Hall (Administrative Offices)
  12. *Museum of Engineering Faculty
  13. Guard Station
  1. Kurokami South W1 Faculty of Engineering Research Building 3
  2. Kurokami South W2 General research Building
  3. Kurokami South W3 Academic Commons Kurokami Bldg. 1 (Center for Policy Study, Social Academic Collaboration Division, Research Promotion Division, Region Creation Promotion Office)
  4. Kurokami South W4 (Applied Chemistory and Biochemistry)
  5. Kurokami South W5 (Engineering Research Laboratories)
  6. Kurokami South W6 (Machine Shop A)
  7. Kurokami South W7 (Machine Shop B)
  8. Kurokami South W8 Creative Engineering and Design Education Laboratory 1
  9. Kurokami South W9 (Creative Engineering and Design Education Laboratory 2)
  10. 100th Anniversary Hall of Engineering Faculty
  11. Kurokami South W11 Building A (Faculty of Engineering Temporary School Building)
  12. Kurokami South W12 Building B (Faculty of Engineering Temporary School Building)
  13. Kurokami South W13 Building C (Faculty of Engineering Temporary School Building)
  14. Kurokami South W14 Building D (Faculty of Engineering Temporary School Building)
  1. Kurokami South E1 (Faculty of Science Bldg. 1 & 2)
  2. Kurokami South E2 (Faculty of Science) (Graduate School of Science and Technology)
  3. Kurokami South E3 (Faculty of Science Bldg. 3)
  4. Kurokami South E4 (Faculty of Science Bldg. 4)
  5. Kurokami South E5 (Research Building for Science and Technology)
  6. Kurokami South E6 (Experimental Building for Science and Technology)
  7. Kurokami South E7 (Acoustic Analysis Laboratory for Underwater Environments)
  8. Kurokami South E8 (Low Temperature and He Gas Recovery Station)
  9. South Student Hall
  10. FORICO (Cafeteria and Convenience Store)
  1. Kurokami South S1 (Hydraulic Laboratory)
  2. Kurokami South S2 (Instrumental Analysis Center for Engineering Research)
  3. Kurokami South S3 (Disaster Prevention Laboratory)
  4. Kurokami South S4 (Kurokami Radioisotope Laboratory)
  5. Kurokami South S5 (Research Center for Buried Cultural Properties)
  6. Kurokami South S6 (Venture Labobatory, Shock Wave and Condensed Matter Research Building)
  7. Kurokami South S7 (Incubation Center)
  8. Kurokami South S8 (Shock Wave Laboratory)
  9. Kurokami South S9 (Engineering Experimental Laboratories)
  10. Kurokami South S10 (MRC Casting Laboratory)
  11. Kurokami South S11 (MRC Forming and Machining Laboratory)
  12. Kurokami South S12 (International Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology)

Honjo Campus

  1. West Tower
  2. East Tower
  3. Central Examination Building
  4. Outpatient Examination Building
  5. Administration Building
  6. Location of Old Outpatient Clinical Research Building
  7. Location of Old Administration Building
  8. ■Yamasaki Memorial Hall
  9. Welfare Facilities
  10. Facility Management Building
  11. Honjo North1 (Clinical Medicine Research Building)
  12. Honjo North 2  (Medical Education Library Building)
  13. Honjo North 3  (General Medical Research Building)
  14. Honjo North 4 (Basic Research Building)
  15. Honjo North 5 (The Center for Medical Education and Research)
  16. Old Clinical Research Building
  17. Multi-story Parking Garage 1
  18. Multi-story Parking Garage 2
    30. Student Union "Kaiju"
31. Honjo Gymnasium
32. Honjo South 1 (School of Health Sciences Bldg. A, B, C)
33. Honjo South 2 (Academic Commons Honjo-2)
34. Honjo South 3 (School of Health Sciences Bldg. E)
35. Honjo South Club Room 1
36. Kobato Nursery
  19. Honjo Central 1 (Institute of Resource Development and Analysis, Center for Animal Resources & Development Main Building)
20. Honjo Central 2 (Center for AIDS Research, Center for Animal Resources & Development)
21. Honjo Central 3 (International Research Center for Medical Sciences)
22. Honjo Central 4 (Lecture Building)
23. Honjo Central 5 (Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics)
24. Honjo Central 6 (Institute of Resource Development and Analysis (Gene Technology Center / Radioisotope center))
25. Honjo Central 7 (Academic Common Building Honjo-1)
26. Honjo Central Club Room 1
27. Honjo Central Club Room 2
28. Honjo Central Club Room 3
29. Higo Iiku Monument Hall

Oe Campus

  1. Oe C1 (School of Pharmacy Main BuildingA, B, C)
  2. Oe C2 (Main BuildingD)
  3. Oe C3 (Main Building E (Library, Research Institute for Drug Discovery))
  4. Oe C4 (Lecture Building)
  5. Oe C5 (Center for Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  6. Oe C6 (Banjikan Hall (Restaurant, Seminar Room, Liaison Office)
  1. Oe W1 (School of Pharmacy Animals house)
  2. Oe W2 (Joint Research Building)
  3. Oe W3 (Radioisotope Center)
  4. Oe W4 (Miyamoto Memorial Hall)
  5. Oe W5 (School of Pharmacy Resource Center)
  1. Oe E1 (General Research Building)
  2. Oe E2 (Instrumental Analysis Center)
  3. Oe E3 (Medicinal Plant Garden Administration House)
  4. Oe E4 Oe Gymnasium
  5. Compost Depot
      17. Staff Residence
    18. Athletic Field
    19. Eco-Frontier Center of Medical Resources (Medicinal Plant Garden)

* National Important Cultural Property
■ Registered Tangible Cultural Property
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