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Agreement on Academic Exchange with Fisheries Research Institute(Taiwan)Was Renewed

On June 10th, Kumamoto University renewed its agreement on academic exchange with the Fisheries Research Institute, a research department affiliated with Taiwan's Ministry of Agriculture. The Fisheries Research Institute, established in 1929, is a government-affiliated research institution headquartered in Keelung, with nine branches including research centers across Taiwan. Kumamoto University initially signed the inter-university agreement with the institute in 2020, and this marks the first renewal since its conclusion.
The signing ceremony took place at the Kurokami campus, attended by Director General Chang Chin-I, Deputy Director Yeh Hsin-Ming, and Researcher Chen Kao-Sung from the Fisheries Research Institute. Representing Kumamoto University were President Hisao Ogawa, Director Ryuji Kakimoto and Professor Motohiro Shimanaga of the Center for Water Cycle, Marine Environment and Disaster Management, as well as Associate Professor Haruhiko Nakata from the Faculty of Advanced Science and Technology. In the presence of both parties, President Ogawa and Director Chang signed the agreement.
Upon renewing the agreement, both sides expressed gratitude to those involved in the joint research efforts thus far. They agreed to not only continue their research on marine environmental issues and aquaculture in the context of global warming but also to promote broader collaborative research, contributing to the sustainable development of human society.

President Ogawa (left) and Director Chang Holding the Signed Agreement
Attendees of the Signing Ceremony

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