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KUMAMOTO MIRAI PARK-A VR adventure led by Kumamoto University students

In celebration of the grand opening of Kumamoto Semiconductor Business Office, Deloitte Tohmatsu Group orchestrated an interactive event "KUMAMOTO MIRAI PARK " at AMU Plaza on May 18th (Sat.), situated in front of Kumamoto Station. With the collaborative efforts of Kumamoto University, this event delivered an unforgettable experience to all participants.
Attendees had the opportunity to easily immerse themselves in various semiconductor technologies showcased at booths hosted by renowned associations such as the Mitsubishi Group and the Toyota Group. Adding to the excitement, two official student clubs of the Faculty of Engineering representing Kumamoto University, KuMA and Soleil, were integral to the event's success. KuMA curated a captivating corner featuring VR/AR technology experiences, enabling participants to launch the fireworks with shapes and colors of their choosing, observe fireworks from various angles, and feel the vibrations that help enhance their immersive experience. Moreover, attendees could try their hand at creating drawings in space using their fingers and catching a ball in mid-flight. Attendees were transported into a realm of innovation and excitement.
This event served as a gateway for everyone to explore the cutting-edge world, discover the thrill of innovation, and engage with semiconductor technology firsthand. Kumamoto University remains at the forefront of semiconductor and VR technology development, committed to fostering connections within the local community while continuing to lead in technological advancements.

A hands-on exploration of catching balls at speeds ranging from 60km/h to 200km/h

KuMA: https://sites.google.com/view/kuma-vr/home
Soleil: https://x.com/kumamoto_soleil