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Kumamoto University Global Advisory Board Meeting was held

On March 19th, Kumamoto University (KU) held its Global Advisory Board Meeting online to conduct an external evaluation of the project "A Leading University Cultivating Global Leaders from Kumamoto", which was selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Top Global University Project". The Global Advisory Board comprises President Ogawa, Executive Vice President Otani, Vice President Kishida and four external members.
Following Vice President Otani' explanation on KU's past initiatives and implementation status, committee members engaged in an exchange of opinions, including a question-and-answer session. The external committee members emphasized the importance of implementing initiatives to improve students' English language skills, crafting a PR strategy that resonates stakeholders and soliciting feedback from graduates' employers, while also expressing their expectations for KU to become a platform for nurturing global talents by seizing the opportunity of TSMC’s expansion into Kumamoto. The meeting also provided an opportunity for reflecting on past efforts and gaining suggestions for the promotion of globalization in the future.

President Ogawa (center) moderating the Advisory Board Meeting