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Open Call for the Position of University Research Administrator (URA)

We are pleased to announce that Kumamoto University is now accepting applications for the position of University Research Administrator (URA).
Job Description:
The URA shall perform information gathering, planning and management assistance, and public relations and information dissemination support necessary for the smooth promotion of the University's research activities.
The URA shall collect information about the University's researchers and achievements and engage in public relations activities to disseminate the University's research activities more widely to society. Duties include:
1.  Developing and implementing a public relations strategy to widely publicize the University's research
2.  Promoting international publicity for research activities through the effective use of various media (website, SNS, print media, etc.), especially for international audiences
3.  Managing and operating the Kumamoto University website in English
4.  Performing other duties as a URA related to improving the University's research capabilities and fostering research human resources
*In addition to the above responsibilities, the URA will be engaged in supporting application and management of University-wide research projects.
For more information, please see the attached file.
"Application Guidelines for University Research Administrator (URA), Kumamoto University"