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Executive Vice President Jun Otani Attends 2023 Taiwan-Japan University Presidents’ Forum

On July 25th, the 2023 Taiwan-Japan University Presidents' Forum was held at National Chi Nan University in Taiwan. The theme of the forum was "Fostering Next-gen Talent: The Capacity-building Roadmap for Higher Education," and 26 universities from Japan and 52 universities from Taiwan participated in the forum.
The forum consisted of four sessions with the theme of "Developing Highly Specialized Talent for Leading Advanced Science and Technology," "Advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Higher Education," "Global Talent Attractiveness: New Opportunities and Prospects," and "Cross-disciplinary Research & Academic Collaboration," during which representatives from each university presented case studies and followed by Q&A sessions.
Jun Otani, Executive Vice President for Research and Global Strategy of Kumamoto University, participated as a presenter in Session 1 "Developing Highly Specialized Talent for Leading Advanced Science and Technology". In his presentation, he mentioned that TSMC, one of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers from Taiwan, is currently building its first Japanese plant in Kumamoto Prefecture, and as a result, semiconductor-related industries are increasingly concentrating in this area, and developing and securing related human resources has become an urgent issue. He then introduced that Kumamoto University therefore established Research and Education Institute for Semiconductors and Informatics in April 2023 and plans to establish School of Informatics and Semiconductor Device Program in Faculty of Engineering in 2024 to meet this social need.
This forum was a great opportunity to exchange views with many university representatives, and it is expected to promote future cooperation between Taiwanese universities.
The Taiwan-Japan University Presidents' Forum is held every two years, alternating between Taiwan and Japan, and the next one will be held in Japan in 2025.