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The FY2021 Kumamoto University FD Program for Globalization of Education “How to COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning)”

On March 8th, 2022, Kumamoto University held the FY2021 Kumamoto University FD Program for Globalization of Education.
Focusing on online education continuing from last year, the FD program was held on the theme of “How to COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning)”. Amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic, to share examples of online education and international collaborative education, this program was opened to not only Kumamoto University faculty but also the members of The Consortium Universities in Kumamoto member institutions and SixERS (The Consortium of Six National Universities in Japan). A total of 34 people participated in the program via Zoom Webinar. Two lecturers who have already introduced COIL-type classes at Kumamoto University presented basic information and examples of COIL, as well as information on the SDGs and Society5.0. In the Q&A session, various questions were asked, such as the level of English required and whether there are any international agreements in place to implement COIL.
We hope that this training will help Kumamoto University, the member institutions of The Consortium Universities in Kumamoto, and the SixERS to promote international collaborative education during the pandemic.

Opening Remarks by Dr. Otani

Case study by Lecturer Lander B. Sims

Case study by Prof. Armando T. Quitain

Q & A session