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Joining the “Japanese College Fair 2021,” Presented by Lighthouse

Scenes from the live session
Kumamoto University participated in the “Japanese College Fair 2021,” held by Lighthouse, an organization that publishes information for Japanese people and companies in the United States.

The purpose of this fair was to introduce Japanese universities to students living abroad, including Japanese students born overseas. In 2021, the fair took place online in the spring and autumn. During the spring fair, we introduced Kumamoto University in Japanese, and during the autumn fair, we presented in both Japanese and English.
Prof. Mitsuyo Kishida, Deputy Vice-President for International Affairs, showcased the features of Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto University, highlighted our cutting-edge research, and provided information about our entrance examination. We also held a live Q&A session where enthusiastic participants asked questions about our undergraduate courses, the entrance examination system for returning students, and several other topics.
Kumamoto University will continue to offer research and education information through online tools.
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