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The Royal Thai Consulate-General in Fukuoka made a courtesy call on Kumamoto University

Group photo at Honjo Campus
Front row (left to right): Consul Ms. Pornpun Pupiangjai; Dean Yamagata, Faculty of Life Sciences; Consul-General Mr. Sorut Sukthaworn; Consul Mr. Somchai Angsanuntsukh
Back row (left to right): Professors Moroishi, Okada, Wakayama, and So

On December 2nd, 2021, Consul-General Mr. Sorut Sukthaworn, Consul Mr. Somchai Angsanuntsukh, and Consul Ms. Pornpun Pupiangjai of the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Fukuoka paid a courtesy call to President Hisao Ogawa, Trustee and Vice President Jun Otani (International Affairs) and the Faculty of Life Sciences.
The Consul-General and the Consuls began with a visit to the Faculty of Life Sciences in the Honjo Campus.

Dean Kazuya Yamagata of the Faculty of Life Sciences introduced Kumamoto University and faculty with a short video and presentation. Professor Seiji Okada of the Joint Research Center for Human Retrovirus Infection then introduced the Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Professor Bunketsu So, Professor Tomohiko Wakayama and Professor Toshiro Moroishi, who together operate a collaborative academic and student exchange with Thailand, joined their colleagues in an information exchange meeting.
Information exchange meeting Group photo at Kurokami Campus
The Royal Thai Consul-General, Consuls, Kumamoto University president, trustees and professors discuss possible future research and scientific exchanges.
Standing (left to right): Consul Angsanuntsukh, Consul Pupiangjai, Trustee Otani, and Prof. Okada
Sitting (left to right): Consul-General Mr. Sorut Sukthaworn and President OGAWA Hisao

After the meeting, the Consul-General and Consuls traveled across the city to Kurokami Campus, where they paid a courtesy visit to President Ogawa, university trustees and professors. During their meeting, they discussed the history of student and research exchange between the two counrties and potential future exchanges between Kumamoto University and partner universities in Thailand. The importance of exchanges between researchers and students was affirmed, the University’s response to the coronavirus pandemic was explained, and future exchanges were discussed.
Presentation of Commemorative Items

That same day, the Consul-General and Consuls attended information exchange sessions with exchange students at the Honjo Campus.
Kumamoto University has seven university-level partnerships and seven department-level partnerships with institutions in Thailand. Our student and research exchanges have been consistant, and our relationships have involved many fruitful research collaboratiions which continue to this day.
Group photo with the national flag of Thailand flying above University Hall

This courtesy call was a timely occasion for the Consul-General and the Consuls to learn about Kumamoto University. It also presented an excellent opportunity to expand possibilities for future exchanges for both students and researchers.