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The 5th ASEAN+3 Rectors’ Conference

  On October 14, Kumamoto University participated in the “5th ASEAN+3 Rectors' Conference.”
  The conference is held biannually in order to share opinions about promoting academic and student exchange among the ASEAN+3 network (ASEAN+3 network consists of 30 universities from 10 AUN countries, 10 universities from Japan, 5 universities from China and 6 universities from South Korea).
  On this occasion, Kanazawa University served as the first Japanese university to co-host the conference as a representative of the SixERS. It was originally scheduled to take place in Kanazawa in October 2020, but was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to COVID-19, and was held online in October 2021.
  The speakers delivered lectures in keynote and knowledge-sharing sessions on the theme of “ASEAN+3 University Education and Graduate Employability: Sharpening the Edge.”
  From Kumamoto University, President OGAWA Hisao, Trustee and Vice-President for International Affairs OTANI Jun, Deputy Vice-president for International Affairs KISHIDA Mitsuyo and Research-Industry Collaboration Department Director INOKUCHI Hideki joined the event. After the plenary conference, Dr. OTANI Jun participated in the Joint Side Event titled "The Ideas of 'University' and the Sustainable Development Goals."
  It is hoped that further exchanges between AUN and SixERS partner universities will emerge from this event.

 Group Photo (Screen Shot)