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Tuition Fee Exemption for International Students Facing Financial Difficulties Due to COVID-19

Application Guidelines for “Emergency Tuition Fee Exemption for students whose households were suddenly affected by the COVID-19 infection (the Second Semester 2021)” [for Privately Financed International Students]

 For students with a large decline in household income due to the direct or indirect impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, the tuition fee for the second semester of 2021 will be exempted. (The amount paid will be reimbursed to those who have already paid their tuition.)
This emergency tuition exemption will specifically be screened based on the expected income from August to October 2021; therefore, applicants’ academic performances would not affect the results. 

[Eligible Applicants]
※ Eligible applicants must meet both (1) and (2) requirements shown below.
  1. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Kumamoto University. (For privately-financed international students, only those who already live in Japan are eligible.)
  2. Students whose finances have suddenly changed due to the influences of COVID-19 infection and who have a difficulty paying tuition fee for the second semester of 2021.
*1 Students who are applying for the regular tuition fee exemption can also apply this exemption.
*2 For students who have applied for the regular tuition fee exemption for the second semester of 2021. Only the result that is more beneficial to the applicant will be applied.

(Note) Students who meet any of the following criteria are NOT eligible.
Non-regular students (research students, non-degree students, special auditing students, special research students) 

2.Requirements Conditions
Due to the spread of COVID-19, the household income (or expected income) of the eligible applicant’s, who meets the above criteria in Section 2, and his/her family members’ residing at the same address in Japan must be lower than their income before the COVID-19 pandemic, and eligible applicant must meet the Kumamoto University tuition exemption standards.
*3 Decrease in income
- The total amount of financial support wired by family members live in applicant’s home country and the applicant's part-time work income has been affected and decreased due to the spread of COVID-19.

3.Application Method & Period
Application method: Only by mail (Using the “Letter-pack light*”).
*Please refer to Japan Post’s website: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/service/letterpack/index_en.html
Application period: Wednesday, November 10, 2021 – Wednesday, November 17, 2021
 【The postmark up to Nov.17 will be valid】

4.Application Procedure
(1)Prepare the following required documents
※ If you have difficulty submitting any of the following documents when you apply, please consult with the Economical Support Team.

[Privately Financed International Students]
Submission Requirement documents
Documents must be submitted by all applicants (required) Application Form for Tuition Fee Exemption(B)
Contact Information Sheet for Tuition Fee Exemption(B)
Application and Income Declaration Form for the Effects of COVID-19 pandemic (for International Students)
Documents confirming income and remittances prior to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., copy of bank book, pay stub)
Enclosing documents Please refer to the Application and Income Declaration Form.
【Notes】 After submitting an application
If there are any incomplete or missing documents in the application, the University staff member will contact you via e-mail or phone. Your application may not be accepted if there is no response to e-mail or phone contact from the staff member.
If it becomes necessary for you to make a payment for your tuition fee as a result of this screening, please pay through a bank transfer using a bank transfer form (bank transfer fee will be at your expense) or in-person at the University office counter.
Please note that direct debit is not available for this.
Although you may receive a bank transfer form for your tuition fee from the University in mid-December, please do not make your payment until you confirm the result of the screening for this "Emergency Tuition Fee Exemption" (to be announced towards the end of December.)

5.Notification of the Result
  • Result notification: Around the bottom of December 2021.
  • Result will be notified to your KU E-mail Address ([Student No.]@st.kumamoto-u.ac.jp).
6.Tuition Fee after the Application
[Students who have already paid the tuition fee of the second semester of 2021]
If your application passes for “a half amount exemption,” a half amount of paid tuition fee will be reimbursed. A "Request for Tuition Refund Application" will be sent to you. Please fill out and submit the form to Economic Support Office, Student Life Division, Student Affairs Department.
*It will take approximately two months until you receive the reimbursement after a "Request for Tuition Refund Application" is submitted.

[Students who are yet to pay the tuition fee of the second semester of 2021]
If your application outcome is either "a half amount exemption" or "not approved," it is required to pay your tuition fee for the second semester according to the notification of the screening result. Particularly for final year students, be aware that there is a very short period of time between the time your result is announced in late December and the deadline for final payment of second semester tuition. (Be prepared to pay the tuition as soon as the result is announced.)

Deadline for payment of tuition fee for the second semester of 2021 for students in the final year.
- Monday, January 31, 2022.

  • Economical Support Team, Student Life Division, Student Affairs Department, Kumamoto University
  • Phone no.: 096-342-2151, 2123
  • E-mail: gag-kinkyu@jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp

Application Guidelines for “Emergency Tuition Fee Exemption for students whose households were suddenly affected by the COVID-19 infection (the Second Semester 2021A.Y.)”