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Greetings from the 14th President of Kumamoto University

I am honored to have been appointed the 14th President of Kumamoto University. I will strive to do my absolute best for the university.
Universities and colleges in Japan are facing challenges in planning the future course of their educational, research, and social engagement activities. In this regard, it is important for our university to accelerate these activities through collaborative and creative partnerships with national and international higher education and research institutions and local, regional, and global stakeholders.
The vision of Kumamoto University (KU) is to contribute to national and international communities through the creation, development and management of knowledge, and the cultivation of students with excellent intellectual, moral, and practical abilities. Guided by this vision, we equip our students to be competent and capable of addressing the various challenges they will face in the future.
Although the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our day-to-day lives, and has disrupted the economic and social systems of most countries, it has significantly broadened distance-learning opportunities. We plan to enhance our globalized educational systems by promoting double and joint degree programs, and creating new online learning in collaboration with international partner institutions. We will emphasize digital analytics, mathematical data science, and international communications. All students will receive training in these areas so they can become capable of creating new value for the digital transformation era.
As a regional hub for research and education, KU has established international collaborative research institutions for the life sciences, the natural sciences, and the humanities and social sciences to globalize and strengthen our research activities. We strive to conduct advanced research in pursuit of academic excellence and contribute to a better world. As we explore and develop potential research opportunities, we are always pushing to improve our status as a research hub, all the while contributing to the local community through various collaborative activities.
KU has four nationally registered Important Cultural Properties in addition to our rich heritage of arts, handicrafts, and historical documents. Under the new University Museum Initiative, these heritage sites will soon be exhibited to all visitors so that they can gain a deeper understanding of our local history, culture, and traditions.
Within these pages, you will find information related to the management, education, and research at KU. We believe that it is imperative to the success of our students and the university for leaders to provide a culture of transparency, listen to external opinions and suggestions, and remain motivated to grow.
I am looking forward to meeting all the students and researchers around the world on our campus.
Thank you.

Ogawa Hisao, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Kumamoto University