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”Online STUDY in JAPAN FAIR 2021 (Myanmar)” and ”ONLINE Education FAIR 2021 (Cambodia/Laos)”

  February 8 and 10, 2021, Kumamoto University participated in ”Online STUDY in JAPAN FAIR 2021(Myanmar)”, and February 16, 2021, participated in “ONLINE Education FAIR 2021(Laos/Cambodia)” to introduce the advantages of Kumamoto University to students who are interested in studying in Japan.
This event was held by Okayama University through the MEXT Program, “Study in Japan Global Network Project (South Asia).”
During the ”Online STUDY in JAPAN FAIR 2021(Myanmar)”, a graduate student of Kumamoto University who is from Myanmar gave a presentation on research activities and campus life at the University.
During the “ONLINE Education FAIR 2021(Cambodia/Laos)”, participants listened eagerly to the description of the University and asked questions in the online group session.
It is expected that an increasing number of students from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos will become interested in studying at Kumamoto University.

”Online STUDY in JAPAN FAIR 2021(Myanmar)”

Presentation by a Myanmar graduate from Kumamoto University

“Online Education FAIR 2021(Cambodia/Laos)”