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Opening Ceremony for the Six National Universities Network (SUN) Surabaya Office of SixERS (Online)

On December 1, 2020, Kumamoto University hosted the opening ceremony of the Six National Universities Network (SUN) Surabaya Office of SixERS (Online) with the cooperation of MEXT’s Study in Japan Global Network Project (ASEAN).
As Kumamoto University’s Liaison Office at ITS, this office has promoted student and academic exchanges and international collaboration between Kumamoto University and local partners in Indonesia since April 1, 2010.
The Kumamoto University Liaison Office at ITS has been used jointly as the Six National Universities Network (SUN) Surabaya Office of SixERS, which is expected to promote further interaction between Indonesia, SixERS (*1) and Japan since April 1, 2020.
At the opening ceremony, Director Dr. Maria Anityasari of the International Office of ITS delivered a congratulatory address. Vice-President OTANI Jun (International Affairs) of Kumamoto University delivered a congratulatory address and introduced SixERS, describing past exchanges between Indonesia and Japan.
Ms. Mia Hernawati, a member of the office staff who was a facilitator for this ceremony, showed a movie about ITS and the ITS office. After that, the SixERS partner universities each introduced their schools to Indonesian students who were interested in studying in Japan. Indonesian international students and alumni also attended our event in order to talk about their experiences studying in Japan. From Kumamoto University, Vice-President Otani and Dr. Risnandar (Senior Researcher at the Research Center for Informatics, Indonesia Institute of Sciences-Indonesia and Kumamoto University alumnus) introduced the benefits of Kumamoto University to Indonesian students.
Some 257 students attended our event. The many questions we received from them via the chatroom and online Q&A Link made us aware of the growing interest in studying in Japan.
It is hoped that further exchanges between Indonesian Universities and SixERS partner universities will result from this event.
*1 SixERS   Chiba University, Niigata University, Kanazawa University, Okayama University, Nagasaki University and Kumamoto University
Congratulatory Address from Director Dr. Maria Anityasari, International Office, ITS

Congratulatory Address from Vice-President Otani (International Affairs), Kumamoto University

Ms. Mia Hernawati, staff member of the Surabaya office and facilitator for this ceremony

Group photo at the opening ceremony

Introduction from Dr. Risnandar, as a Kumamoto University alumnus