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Hold a Video Conference with Ege University (Turkey)

Video Conference: 20 years of friendship
between Ege University (Turkey) and Kumamoto University
 On June 9th, 2020, Ege University (Turkey) invited Kumamoto University to attend a video conference to celebrate 20 years of friendship.
 Ege University is a national university situated in Izmir, Turkey and is ranked top among Turkish universities, especially in the field of research and education.
 Since the signing of an international exchange agreement in 2000, Kumamoto University and Ege University have actively engaged in joint research and the exchange of researchers and students.
 From Ege University, seven participants attended, including President Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak, Vice-President and Dean of the Engineering Faculty. Prof. Dr. Nalan Kabay, who received her doctor's degree from Kumamoto University, served as facilitator for the conference.
 From Kumamoto University, President HARADA Shinji, Vice President OTANI Jun (International Affairs), coordinator Prof. Ihara, Prof. Takafuji and the current host researcher Prof. Kishida participated.
 We discussed past and future exchanges, and the conference had a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is hoped that this will lead to further exchanges between our two universities.
Video conference (from Kumamoto University)

Video conference (from PC Screen)

President Harada with signed MoU