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Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology 50th Anniversary in Taiwan

  On December 14th 2019, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST) invited Kumamoto University (KU) to join in the celebration of their 50th Anniversary. President Shinji Harada and Vice President Jun Otani (International Affair) participated.
  STUST is a leading university, established in Tainan City in 1969. STUST and KU have a long history, which began with a department-level exchange agreement signed in 2004 followed by a university-level exchange agreement signed in 2008.
  The ceremony was a gala affair, attended by Taiwanese government officials, including the Vice President of Taiwan, officials of 12 partner universities in 6 countries, faculty members and others, including students and graduates of STUST.
  Prior to the ceremony, at the Higher Education Sprout Project International Scholars Forum held on the 13th, presidents of partner universities from various countries and regions participated and introduced initiatives on the four topics of Teaching, Research & Development, Internationalization and University Social Responsibility. Vice President Jun Otani of KU introduced the International Research Center for Medical Sciences (IRCMS) and International Research Organization for Advanced Science & Technology (IROAST) as KU’s initiatives for Research & Development.
  It is hoped that further exchanges between our two universities will be cultivated as a result of this visit.

From left, Dr. Lu Deng-Maw, President of STUST and Dr. Shinji Harada, President of KU

President Harada delivered congratulations at the ceremony of the 50th anniversary of STUST