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Kumamoto University 2015 Summer Program in English

The Summer Program offered by the College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies at Kumamoto University was created to allow international students who have an interest in Japan, but limited Japanese language ability, to experience Japanese life and culture in Kumamoto.
Date:  Thursday, July 23 – Friday, July 31 (9 days)
Place:  Kumamoto Prefecture, JAPAN
Participants:  Eligible participants for this program are students who:

  • are students studying at ASEAN universities with which Kumamoto University has agreement for academic or student exchange
  • have an interest in studying in Japan
  • are able to speak English

Contents:  The Summer Program offers a variety of engaging activities including:

  • Classroom lectures on Japanese life and culture
  • First-hand cultural learning experiences
  • Guided educational field trips within Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Interaction and exchange with Kumamoto’s local community

Program Fee:  60,000 Japanese Yen
○ includes accommodation, class fees, field trip fees, and breakfast.
× Does not include the cost of transportation to or from Japan, the cost of transportation within Japan, or the cost of meals (other than breakfast) during the program.
Scholarship:  Participants in the Summer Program will be awarded an 80,000 Japanese Yen scholarship.  To be eligible for the scholarship, students must have a GPA greater than or equal to 2.3, and not receive any other scholarships for this program which exceed 80,000 Japanese Yen.
Language:  The entire program will be conducted in English.  Japanese language ability is not a requirement.
Application:  Please request the international office of your university to submit your application by email (PDF format) or by FAX by June 12 (Fri.), 2015.
International Student Office, Kumamoto University
2-40-1, Kurokami, Chuo-ku
Kumamoto 860-8555, Japan
Tel: +81-96-342-2139
Fax: +81-96-342-2130
E-mail: gji-ryugaku@jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp
Website: http://ewww.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/


  1. Program Flyer (PDF 649KB)
  2. Form 1Application (PDF 76KB)
  3. Form 2Letter of Recommendation (PDF 115KB)