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05_Initiatives of Teaching Methodology Improvement

Kumamoto University Faculty Development Charter

Kumamoto University aims to foster and produce individuals with a sense of ethics and a good education and specialization who can play an active role in Japan and around the world. To this end, the University has resolved to continue to work to promote excellent higher education and has established this Faculty Development (FD) Charter.

Article 1 (Definition) Faculty Development (FD) activities at Kumamoto University widely refers to Professional Development (PD) activities, in which all members involved in education, including faculty members, administrative staff members, and teaching assistants, shall be engaged in the development of their talents and professional abilities related to educational content, methods and support to realize the University’s educational vision and goals.

Article 2 (Principles) In FD activities at Kumamoto University, those involved in education at the University shall carry out their mission to be always considering what they can do to support the personal and academic growth of undergraduate and graduate students, to take opportunities to gain new insights at home and abroad, and to continue to make voluntary efforts to provide a better higher education.

Article 3 (Faculty members) Faculty members who are directly responsible for education at Kumamoto University shall provide academic guidance after preparing educational content with high learning value in accordance with the University’s educational vision and goals and the best possible way to teach it. In this regard, they shall open-mindedly listen to the views and requests of their colleagues and students to improve their teaching and develop their abilities as educators.

Article 4 (Administrative staff members) Administrative staff members involved in supporting educational activities at Kumamoto University shall be actively engaged in acquiring new knowledge and skills required to respond to their work becoming more intensified and complicated daily, without neglecting efforts to enlighten and educate themselves.

Article 5 (Teaching assistants) Those who serve as teaching assistants at Kumamoto University shall make the maximum contribution to students’ learning as educational assistants, and shall make persistent efforts to educate themselves as educational staff members, humbly accepting instructions and advice from instructors in charge.

Article 6 (Organizational efforts) To ensure that the talents and professional abilities of those involved in education at Kumamoto University are developed effectively, the Schools and the Graduate Schools as well as the Departments shall be actively and systematically involved in university-wide FD activities and their unique FD activities.

Article 7 (Faculty Development Committee) The Faculty Development Committee of Kumamoto University shall discuss and determine the content of FD activities, always inquiring whether the FD activities meet the University’s educational vision and goals and the needs of the times and society.

Kumamoto University is involved in FD activities according to the Kumamoto University Faculty Development Charter.

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