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06_3_Undergraduate Program

Faculty of Letters

The Faculty of Letters aims to create students who possess a good education and deep expertise in liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences, the practical ability to discover and resolve issues creatively and intelligently, and the global perspective and civic public sprit necessary in modern society to contribute to society.
Division, etc.
Degree Major field of study
Faculty of Letters
Division of Integrated Human Studies
Bachelor’s degree Literature
Division of History
Division of Literature
Division of Communication and Information Studies
Faculty of Education
Elementary School Teacher Training Course
Junior High School Teacher Training Course
Special Needs Education Teacher Training Course
School Health Teacher Training Course
Local Community Course
Lifelong Sports and Welfare Course
Faculty of Law
Department of Law
Faculty of Science
Department of Science
School of Medicine
School of Medicine
School of Health Sciences
Nursing, Health Sciences
School of Pharmacy
School of Pharmacy
School of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
Drug and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Life and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Department of Mechanical System Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department of Architecture and Building Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Department of Mathematics and Engineering

Educational Evaluation Section, Academic Affairs Planning Team, Academic Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department

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