Kumamoto University
Faculty of Law

Study Arbitraton, Dispute Resolution


The Faculty of Law at Kumamoto University is the second-oldest law faculty among Japanese national universities established under the National School Establishment Law of 1949, following only Hiroshima University. It is the 11th-oldest of all university law faculties, including the nine former Japanese Imperial Universities that existed before the new system. The Faculty of Law is located north of the 19th century Fifth High School, now the Memorial Museum, in the center of the Kurokami North Campus. It is just east of the Bufugen Athletic Field, which has been memorialized in the Fifth High School dormitory song. The stately brick building that houses the Memorial Museum, and the wizened old trees in the vicinity, add to the prestigious academic atmosphere.


  • Two Main Courses of Law and Public Policy
  • Faculty of Law Educational Objectives
  • Human Resource Development Goals at the Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Law Features
  • History of the Faculty of Law
  • After Graduation: Recent Trends
  • Campus Life: Faculty of Law Event Organization Committee
  • International Exchange: Study-Abroad Programs
  • International Exchange: Voices of International Students
  • Teachers Profile