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University of Texas at San Antonio Visits Kumamoto University

Director Wan Xiang Yao and Associate Director Mimi Yu of the East Asia Institute of University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) visited Kumamoto University on February 15, 2017.
UTSA is a state-funded university that was founded in San Antonio, Texas, USA, in 1969. Since UTSA and Kumamoto University signed an academic exchange agreement in 2010, they have frequently interacted with each other, especially in the engineering field. In addition, Kumamoto City and San Antonio, where the respective universities are located, established a sister city relationship in 1987, and many exchange projects have been held to date.
During this visit, Vice President for International Affairs Kazuki Takashima had a meeting with Director Yao and Associate Director Yu, and introduced Kumamoto University’s Top Global University Project and the Global Leader Course starting in FY 2017. Then they had a discussion regarding expanding the fields of academic exchange and the possibility of student interaction projects.
Director Yao and Associate Director Yu also had meetings with Prof. Yasuharu Oishi of Faculty of Education, who conducts research similar to Director Yao’s specialization of exercise physiology, and Prof. Hironori Ito, the Dean of the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences, to discuss future exchange projects.
We believe that their visit provided an excellent opportunity to further enhance interaction between UTSA and Kumamoto University.

Director Yao, Vice President Takashima, Associate Director Yu

Prof. Ito, the Dean of the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences (second from the right)

Prof. Oishi, Faculty of Education (second from the left)