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Kumamoto University Videos

Act Now! Kumamoto University for International Students

Kumamoto University proudly released the promotion movie "Act Now!" for all students in the world who are considering studying in Japan. Kumamoto Prefecture will impress you with its varied and beautiful scenery from its mountains to its ocean. This movie will showcase a lot of the great things the city and university have to offer and we hope it will lead to more students considering studying here in Kumamoto.

Introduction to Kumamoto University

This movie showcases Kumamoto University; its history, recent state, and its advanced research are all introduced as well as the great things of Kumamoto prefecture, Kumamoto University’s home city.

Research Showcase

Prof. MUKUNOKI, Toshifumi - Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture

Prof. NISHIMAKI, Isamu - Comparative literature Studies

Prof. UENO, Takamasa - Infection and Immunity