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Atomic-level, 3-D structure of MUTYH protein opens small window into DNA repair mechanism August 2 2021


The Correspondence to the Outbreak of the COVID-19 July 29 2021
IRCMS Presents: Science & Me #8 July 26 2021


SARS-CoV-2 spike mutation L452R evades human immune response and enhances infectivity July 20 2021


Compound derived from turmeric essential oil has neuroprotective properties July 14 2021


Tenure Track Associate Professor or Lecturer, Joint Research Center for Human Retrovirus Inf... July 14 2021


Application for Tuition Exemption for the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2021 (Private... July 13 2021
Muscles retain positional memory from fetal life July 6 2021



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High performance, inexpensive and compact cutting-edge sensors developed at KU June 16 2021
Blood vessels and their key role in the phenomena of life, Identifying their control mechanism May 12 2021
Psychology of the human heart helps you understand how to build bonding relationships April 27 2021
Using stable isotopes in rainwater, Prof. Ichiyanagi identifies where rain comes from. April 13 2021