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09_5_Other Support for Students

Faculty of Letters

■The Student Support Committee has been established,
through which instructors in charge from each division provide support to students.
Faculty of Education, Graduate School of Education, Diploma Couse in Special Education, Yogo Teacher Training Special Course (common)

■The Welfare and Employment Committee and the Student Support and Counseling Room have been established, through which support for campus life and career choice is provided in cooperation with individual courses.
■Internship programs are offered to help students choose their career paths through an agreement signed with the Kumamoto City Board of Education.
Faculty of Law

■Internship programs are offered to help students choose their career paths through agreements signed with public agencies and private companies in Kumamoto Prefecture.
■The Event Executive Committee, consisting of students, plans and operates a training camp for first-year students, a sports event, a graduation celebration party, and other events under the advice and guidance of the Educational and Student Affairs Committee.
Faculty of Science

■Instructors in charge of individual classes, tutors, and instructors of individual courses offer counseling to students in their first year, their second year, and their third and fourth years, respectively.
(For students in the Global Leader Course, mentors offer counseling from enrollment to graduation).In some cases, they provide support in cooperation with the Educational Affairs Committee and the Student Committee.
School of Medicine

■At the School of Medicine of the School of Medicine, the School of Medicine Student Committee provides academic guidance, consultation on student life, and other support.
■At the School of Health Sciences of the School of Medicine, several instructors are assigned to each class at each year level in all three courses to provide consultation and support concerning education and student life.
School of Pharmacy

■The 125th Anniversary Kaihara Morio Scholarship Program is offered to undergraduate students.
Faculty of Engineering

■The Student Support Committee and the Student Counseling Room have been established.
(Counselors are stationed during the fifth period Monday through Friday.)
Graduate School of Medical Sciences

■The Medical Sciences Graduate School Student Committee plays a central role in providing job search support to students enrolled in the Master’s Course.
School of Law

■Instructor system: Two full-time instructors take care of one student to offer consultation on issues related to learning and daily life.
■Academic adviser system: Young lawyers provide guidance and advice to students involved in voluntary group learning. Support after completing the course of study (juris doctor students): We officially allow juris doctor students to use study rooms and the legal information system and receive academic guidance from instructors until they pass the bar examination after completing their course of study.

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educational affairs section of individual faculties and graduate schools(PDF 48 KB).

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