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08_3_Dormitory/Boardinghouses/Apartment houses

Purpose of establishment

The dormitory was established to provide students with a living place suitable for study.

・The dormitory is located approximately 1.5 km east of the Kurokami Campus, Kumamoto University, along Prefectural Road 337.
An outline of the dormitory is provided below.
・7-763 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi → Map (the same location as the International House)
Capacities and facilities
Capacity Eligible students Structure/Building area
Building A for male students
100 Undergraduate students and undergraduate international students

Five-story reinforced concrete building
(However, the common building is a one-story reinforced concrete building.)
Total area: 5,091 m2

Established on April 1, 1980
Building B for male students 100
Building for female students 80

Details of the dormitory (PDF 2.0 MB)

・Each student is provided with a Western-style private room (10 m2). Students can also use a rental internet system for students if they desire to do so.
・There are a conversation room, a snack room, a washroom with laundry equipment, and restrooms on each floor of the dormitory, and a lobby and bathrooms in the common building. Although there is no cafeteria in the dormitory, students can cook for themselves in the snack room.
・Out of 280 rooms, 25 rooms are dedicated to international students. (For application details, see below.)


Students need to pay a monthly cost of about 10,000 yen, and a dormitory fee of 4,300 yen and utility costs.
Period available for occupancy

From the date when students are permitted to move in until the final day of the shortest course term
Management and administration

・The dormitory is managed and administered according to the Kumamoto University Dormitory Regulations under the responsibility of the President.

・At the dormitory, a committee consisting of students living there has been formed as a self-governed organization.
Recruitment of new residents

【 To those who are scheduled to enter the university in AY 2018 and wish to apply for occupancy (for reference): 】

1. The details of the request for dormitory application forms will be announced on this website in around the middle of January.
The distribution of application forms will end on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.
2. Application (submission) period
Students admitted through a general entrance examination:
From February 1 (Thu.) to no later than February 9 (Fri.), 2018
Students admitted on recommendation and through a transfer admission examination:
From January 22 (Mon.) to no later than February 9 (Fri.), 2018
In principle, an application must be submitted by mail.
3. Request/submission/inquiry
Academic Affairs Division (Livelihood Support Section), Student Affairs Department, Kumamoto University
2-40-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, 860-8555 Japan
Reception hours: Monday through Friday 9:30–17:15
4. Announcement of students permitted to move in the dormitory
Those who take the first-term examination: March 9, 2018 (Fri.) 11:00
Those who take the second-term examination: March 21, 2018 (Wed.) 11:00
5. * The AY 2017 Dormitory Application Guidelines are published for reference.
AY 2017 Dormitory Application Guidelines (PDF 611 KB)
Dormitory Application Form 〈Distribution has ended.〉
Dormitory Guide (PDF 334 KB)
Guide to fill out the application form (PDF 337 KB)


【 Private rooms of the Kumamoto University dormitory for international students 】

1. Private rooms for international students (undergraduate international students only)
There are 20 private rooms dedicated to male international students on the 5th floor of Building A. For private rooms dedicated to female international students, one room is located on each floor (a total of five rooms).
Each private room is a Western-style room with an area of 10 m2, and is equipped with an air conditioner, a desk, and a chair.
There are a conversation room, a communal kitchen, a washroom with laundry equipment, and restrooms on each floor of the dormitory, and a lobby and communal bathrooms with showers in the common building.
Each private room is not equipped with a kitchen, a toilet, or a shower.
Although there is no cafeteria in the dormitory, students can cook for themselves in the communal kitchen.
Students can use a rental internet system for students if they desire to do so.
2. For those who wish to move in the dormitory, please see the application guidelines.
★ Dormitory Application Guidelines for International Students (PDF 273 KB)
To current students who wish to move in:
* New residents are recruited to fill up vacancies for AY 2017. For those who wish to apply for occupancy, please contact the Academic Affairs Division (Livelihood Support Section).
AY 2017 Recruitment of New Residents to Fill Up Vacancies in the Kumamoto University Dormitory
(PDF 47 KB)
Boardinghouses/Apartment houses

Students who live in boardinghouses and apartment houses will have a precious experience,
interacting with community residents.
They are required to comply with the community rules. In particular,
they are asked to strictly refrain from making noise at night,
leaving their cars and motorcycles on the road, singing noisily after drinking alcohol, and disposing of waste illegally.

The Kumamoto University Co-op introduces boardinghouses and apartment houses to students.

University Co-op’s website to introduce boardinghouses

Livelihood Support Section, Student Support Team, Academic Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department

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